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2/11/03 Xander's new CD is now available!

In This Moment (AKA Now)

*A soft drum roll starts, dramatically calling your attention to the soundspace around you...*

Welcome. My name is Xander, and I love making music. I hope you love to listen to it.

My CD,"In This Moment (AKA Now)" is now available to order on Mp3.com! I have put a lot of hard work into this album, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!!!

Xander's Mp3.CoM Site

Instead of writing more words about my music to you in this space, I thought it would be more personable and real to have my friends, listeners, fans, and allies write some honest reviews of my music.

Click here to read the reviews I have received so far.

And of course, you can e-mail a review of to me, so I can post it to the site. :)


Below is the track listing for "In This Moment (AKA Now)"

If one of the tracks is a link, it means an Mp3 of the song is available to download... for the best results, right click the link, and select "Save Target As..." and then save it to your computer.

1. Drive

2. Our Arms (Will Only Be Arms)

3. Not Mine To Give Away (Live)

4. Don't Lie

5. Call On Me (Live)

6. Smile For Me

7. 4 Leaf Clover

8. You Left Too Soon (Live)

9. BeMySweetThing

10. Time (Live)


If the download isn't working for you:

1. Try [Right-Clicking] the link, and selecting [Save Target As] to retrieve the file.

2. Be sure to save the file to your [Desktop], in case you think you might have trouble finding it!

3. If you are using AOL, try using [Internet Explorer] to browse this page instead of AOL's default browser.

I want to thank my wonderful mom, grandma, and grandpa for being so incredibly supportive of my musical ventures, and I want to specially and gratefully thank Chad for the use of his domain to host this site. Of course there are countless other people who every day I realize are great contributors to the joy in my heart that starts the domino effect that ends (but never really ends, mind you) in the form of my Music. But being the scatter-brained musician that I am, I know I would leave out too many integral human names. Hopefully, you know who you are, and that you have my deepest thanks. There is much more music in me, so stay tuned.



Xander's Mp3.CoM Site



Special thanx to freebies4u.co.uk. Contents copyright (C) Xander and respective authors.